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Not only do I write but I also love to create art using natural Earth items like found elk and deer antlers, and garnets. Need a new wand or do you see the signs of the return of the Goddess? I have two wands and some newly made Primitive Goddess' pendants, but hurry they are one of a kind! Always in the middle of creating more. Feel free to ask for pictures of up coming items not yet listed. Blessings!

Love cats, gypsies and magic?
My young readers (10 -13) fable separate from its anthology and it is entered in Readers Favorite story awards under "Children's Fable". This short story was written for the parent or grandparent to read in one sitting with or to their child or grandchild. Children benefit greatly from sharing in the reading of a very good story. But the young readers are already loving it! See Readers Favorite review which qualifies Seraphina for one of their book stickers!

Story description


A mysterious secret that changed her world forever…


No one wants to play with the creepy cripple who might spread her disease.  So, eleven-year-old Lorena’s only friends in the world are Jenkins the tree and Seraphina, a black cat with a white star on her forehead.


Seraphina was not just any black cat. She lived deep in the woods with two piebald ponies and a gypsy woman who healed wild animals, including a white wolf with aqua eyes.

 But, Seraphina and the gypsy were keeping a very magical secret. A secret found out by Lorena that changed her world forever.


Review from "Readers Favorite"

Serafina by Denice Garrou is a stunning fantasy children's book about a young girl named Lorena. Lorena has a disease that prevents her from walking without a crutch. The other children in her village tease her, and won't be her friend. All she has is a tree she calls Jenkins, and a cat named Serafina. One day, Serafina leads her to a house in the woods where she meets a woman named Ravinia. Lorena and Ravinia, as well as Serafina, are soon firm friends, and from that day onward Lorena would always visit Ravinia, with the help of Serafina. But then one day Serafina doesn't show up. Lorena soon discovers that the bullies have Serafina and are planning on burning her. Will Lorena be brave enough to stand up to the bullies who always torment her. I really, really enjoyed reading Serafina by Denice Garrou. The book is heartwarming and is very beautifully written. The story teaches that how you look at yourself is very important and that you can't be happy unless you're happy with yourself, which is a very important lesson. The characters are all very likeable, because Lorena is very kind to others, and Serafina and Ravinia help her to see herself in a new light. The book is very well written and very descriptive. There were a few parts that made me gasp out loud. Many people will be able to relate to this book, because many people have been bullied. The book is full of action and suspense. I was hooked by the first page and I never wanted to put the book down. It is truly amazing. I would definitely recommend this to all readers.

The magic of horses, I give you 4 stories

How did the journey of life, death and rebirth inspire my Dragonhorse Saga. I bare my soul in this emotional journey back through my life with magical horses.

Secrets of the Fae

My short story "New Life for an Old Bear" has been published in their spring edition!

True story. How does an old, handmade stuffed bear become nighttime security for a 5 month old boy, having night terrors. "Familiar" anyone? How using the time of the season, power animals, crystals, and Reiki symbols give an old bear a new job. 

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Welcome to my world! Sit a spell with a cup of tea, there is plenty to see and read here. I am a visionary, speculative, paranormal, fantasy, romance author, just like JRR Tolkien, JM Barrie and CS Lewis . A new age of writers who write to inspire and awaken their readers to the true world of, all things are possible. We write in hopes of making our world a better place.  

The inspirational antholgy I wrote "Seraphina" for got this award! Please check them out to raise awarness for the disease Ataxia. 

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Candlelight & Cobwebs, Avyon Book os Secrets Vol I

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New Release interview with Steve DeWinter with ODNT

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Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge

This video includes the 1st Edition Cover. Dragonhorse cover has been updated as shown below.

My Dragonhorse Saga, a read for all ages!

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What if who you truly are is kept secret from you, just to keep you alive?

Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power before she can reclaim her love and her life. A love story that must endure the transcendence of time and dimensions. A thought provoking, conscious awakening jaunt, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, horses were just for pulling wagons, and dragons no longer lived . . . or didn't they?



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 Book 2 of the Dragonhorse Sage takes us back to how it all began. We go back in time to Shion’s life as Sumayah. She is caught in a web of two loves: the mysterious one who is promised to her and the Fae Prince who is trying to save his realm. This tale of love begins in the ancient realm of Lemuria, a realm of unspeakable beauty and magic thought to be only a myth by the human race.

But there is blood on the moon as impending invasion threatens the lives of those who live there. Sumayah soon learns her life is not her own and is thrust into a world of uncertainties and sacrifice.

Follow Sumayah on her legendary and epic journey, as she saves a dying dragon, battles a long-tooth tiger, learns to control her power of fire, becomes a Priestess by gaining the trust of a fiery horse, is torn between two loves, learns the lethal powers of the darkness, and most of all, calls into existence the dragonhorse. "pant, pant"


      Excerpt from Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge                    

Those eyes she thought. Empty. Bottomless. She gulped back the emotion as she took in the blanket of bones. The overpowering stench hit her again and she put her hand to her nose. It was quite evident this horse was dying. Large, fleshy protrusions hung from the front limbs of this  suffering animal. Its nostrils flared and blew at her trying to figure out if she was friend or foe. Then a low, tired nicker came from deep within as it took a tentative step towards her. She held out her hand and immediately it began to pulsate. The swirl of white energy lifted from her hand into a stream of glittering gold as it connected with the horse… 


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