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January 2022 UPDATE!

Talion, Book 3 of the Dragonhorse Saga

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   Thank you all for contacting me about when the next books will be coming out. Life does throw us roadblocks and curve balls! But, then again I too waiting many many years for the prequel to Alice Hoffmans' Practical Magic! See how we are...

     I have been working on Talion for a few years now and am waiting for the information to dowload for the correct ending. As some of you know I do follow along with what has been happening with our planet and humanity throughout history (correct history) and recently about this final Great Shift and expansion for humanity. 

     One smart person once said, "Everything that I was told was true, was  not. And everthing I was told was not true, was."

     This final book (well up to the characters if it's the last) is all about that above statement. Nothing in our world is as it seems. And you will be challenged spiritually when reading this next book. EVERYTHING is possible, there are no conspiracy theories, and we surely don't know what we don't know.

     So, in Talion, the gang decided they must go back to the old Earth to save those who had chosen not to move to the new Earth after the Great Shift. And boy do they meet some dark shit! Time is of the essence because the old Earth is preparing to return back to stardust taking all with her. Imagine being on a planet that is slowy dissolving right under your very own feet! (Could be true for us, since our world is not as it seems). Got ya concerned? >wink<

     Find out what the new Earth is like. Meet new characters. Read how our characters survived the Great Shift. And how some of our characters have transformed in ways very unexpected. Remember nothing is impossible it is our lack of imagination or our programmed beliefs that hold us back. We are more than this meatsuit that carts us around. Much more.

     So, working on the final chapters since much of what I write is channeled. Publishing does take time and I am on the hunt for a new editor since my last one retired. 

ALSO!  I hope to work on a Dragonhorse Journal with all the magic for you to try out for yourself. Journals are so big these days. 

     I hope to get a few excerpts from Talion on the website soon! 

     In the meantime go to my Pinterest board with a few teasers of what you will find in Talion.

    I apologize to those waiting for C&C's second book. But, Dragonhorse 3 must be done first. 





Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge

Based on Celtic and Gypsy magic and Folklore

Dragonhorse, a love tale that must endure the transcendence of time and dimension.
What if who you truly are is lost from your memory just to keep you alive?
Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power, before she can reclaim her life and the memory of her one true love. Her only salvation was a dying horse and a gypsy schuvani. A thought provoking journey, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, and dragons no longer lived . . . or didn't they?
A believable fairytale with characters you cannot help but fall in love with

Dragonhorse characters

Below are the animal characters and a long line of book teasers all the way through to the second book, Sumayah.  These animal in my life inspired the writing of Dragonhorse. This 1st book is based on my life experiences with healing with animals and our Mother Earth. It also is about my reconnection to my ancestory my Bohemian Gypsy ancestory and how that has greatly influenced the choices I made in my middle years leading me to where I am today. Today I only have 2 horses one being Freia. All the other characters have made the travel across the Rainbow Bridge. 


The inspiration of my story. Lucky and I!

Lucky aka Nero in the story, is why I wrote it. He let me and my friend Jean lead him away from deaths door. You see, he had melanoma and it was so bad he smelled like rotting flesh. When we decided to take on the monumental task of helping him heal, he was given only 8 more months to live. He tested us the whole time and finally after 3 years of hard work I was able to ride him without one lame step. He was a joy to ride, a little spirited, but for a 17 hand ex-racehorse what did I expect. But, in looking back he always took care of me on the trail and never gave me  more then I could handle. He gave us 6 more years until a fatal accident took him. He had taught us what we needed and it had been his time to go. He still has a peice of my heart and we will  be forever connected. People well versed in magic or shamanism recognized the special magic he possessed. I always said he was a wizard in a horse suit! 


Nero and Sterling

This is Lucky and Sterling aka Sterling in the book. Lucky wanted me to learn more about horse healing and pretended to be lame--yes I said pretended. So I decided to bring home another horse. When I found Sterling, on a scale of 1 to 10, weight wise he was a 3, according to my vet!  It took about 6 months to get his weight up and I found out he loved to dance if you sprayed him with the water hose! He was a great dancer too! Don't they look so happy here. Oh, and Lucky mysteriously went back to being ridable after I brought Sterling home...


Okay, so yes, I kept his name in the just seem to fit.

Lucky decided that I needed another horse so he developed a strange cough and feined lameness when riding him to the bewilderment of my vet? We could not figure out what was wrong with him? So I decided I should retire him and get another riding horse and found Sterling. When I brought him home he was so emaciated, I didn't want the neighbors think I was starving him so I kept his blanket on him until he picked up weight. It took about 6 months and he soon blossomed into the striking horse you see in the pictures. 

 This guy was the one I brought home and said, "Man, doesn't he have the face reminicent of a dragon?" He was the one that got me on the path of the dragonhorse. He was such a good boy and another ex-racehorse. I could ride him on the trail by ourselves without a worry. The day Lucky died I let him say goodbye to his friend..he knew his friend had gone on and did not mourn him after. I only had Sterling for 2 years when in the middle of the night I woke up with the worst stomach ache. It was Sterling, he had colicked in the night and the next morning I had to put him down- he was beyond surgery. It was heart wrenching, but I knew I had to do it, and stayed with him until his spirit left his body.  I soon realized the very important lesson I was learning from Lucky and Sterlings passing...Death is not the end and it never is in my books. They began to teach me the very improtant lesson that the physcial body is not us. They are not just a horse suit! 




This is Aragon aka Traveller in the book. After Lucky passed I was devastated. I swore I would not rescue another horse! My heart just couldn't take it and yes I did have to go to the doctor with heart palpatations!

About three months later I began feeling the push and really felt sorry for Sterling being alone. So just for kicks, I checked out and came across a horse named this was the time of Lord of the Rings movies and I am a HUGE fan. When I saw the name Aragon thinking it was Aragorn I took it as a sign! I immediately had to see this horse! I was even more convinced I was supposed to have him when we pulled into the ranch and it was called ROHAN! Total syncronicity wouldn't you say. Well when we saw Aragon he was lying in a pasture looking half dead...he was skinnier then Sterling was! My husband did not want me bringing home another sick horse..but I new I was supposed to have him. Long story short he came home and he did recover somewhat, until I had to put Sterling down..poor Aragon was never the same after that. But, he allowed me to try and try. I used herbs, essential oils, accupressure, Reiki and crystals on him. Oh, they love crystals in their water and would always choose the crystal water over regular water.

Aragaon was another very big horse over 17 hands. He had been messed with in the past and was very afraid to be handled...always thinking you were going to hurt him. This horse taught me gentlness. He taught me that you don't need to work a horse with an iron hand or restraint. He taught me to talk to him from my heart and he responded. But after 3 years I realized how tired he was...he was a cronic colicker and I worried about him constantly. He would just lay all day in the 35 acre pasture or lay in the middle of the manure pile..I think it was soft. One fall day I decided I it was time to let him go. That evening I thanked him for all that he taught me and I told him I new he was tired. I told him he could go. That very night he colicked very badly and I knew that was my the next morning I called the vet and we helped him cross to the Summer Land where he joined Sterling and Lucky... Now, when I look up into the night sky  I search for Orions belt and the three stars...there I see my three friends smiling down at me. They taught me the lesson of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. They also taught me that they are not attached to their bodys as we is the physical body that fights to stay, not the spiritual body. They taught me what I needed, and then they went home.

Nico the wolf

9-23-2016 at almost 16 we helped Nico in his final journey of this liftime across the Rainbow Bridge. Hail and farewell old friend, you will be met by, Guido, Ducan, Lucky, Sterling and Aragon. We will see you on the other side soon and celebrate!

Nico aka Nicco the wolf in the book (yes I kept the name). This guy is something special! We rescued him, and have been told by many wolfdog owners he has wolf in him...he has the same mannerisms as a wolf-dog and is not happy when strangers or other dogs come calling but otherwise is a very timid dog. And yes, when Shion saves his life as a sick abandonded wolf pup in the storyy I did the same thing. After we brought him home from his neuter surgery he was really sick. I immediately made an appointment for him but he couldn't get in until that afternoon. He was in bad shape, he couldn't get air. I spent the morning doing healing work on him and he got up and went behind the bushes and threw up a whole bunch of phlegm. He seemed a little better after that and then it was vet time. Yes, he had asperated and his lungs were filling up! He had a 107 fever and we almost lost him! Too this day he is my great protector...when I go out to do chores he stands and watches the woods for any intruders (yes we are in mountain lion country). Even if we are in the middle of a blizzard he will watch while I do my chores. He loves to go with us to cut firewood and will circle around the area and then find the highest point and just watch the woods. He is one tough cookie and took on a young bear one night who was maurading around the house. The young bear never came back. 

I promised Nico I would watch and listen to know when he was ready to cross. He was almost 16 when I got the message from him he was ready. The afternoon after helping him cross he told me to buy myself red roses. I wondered why red roses since it was fall and I was thinking purple daiseys. Then he showed me the time when he was a young puppy and kept digging up my potted red roses on my front deck! You see, I was still not sure I had heard him correctly about helping him cross. But that vision assured me it was as it should be. So I keep those dried red roses in a vase to remind me we are never in charge even if we think we are.


Of all my characters, Ciara and Frodo (one of my fairie dragons) are the only ones still with us. All others have crossed the rainbow bridge.

This little girl 'literally' came to me  after I wrote about her in the book. She was just part of my I thought. Oh, and her name is Ciara...pretty close to Freia.

One day while I was thinking about getting another horse  we just happen to come across  trail riders coming down our road. My husband stopped to see if they knew of any horses for sale and they said, "Well, she is." My husband thought she was the prettiest thing he had ever seen....she really is a pretty thing and she knows it too. 

Okay so I ended up taking her on a group trail ride to try her out. Now the night before I connected to her higher self and told her I was coming. I also wanted to know if she knew I was supposed to bring her home and if I was, to give me a sign...the sign she showed me was she would put her face right in the palm of my hand when we met.  

The next morning was horribly gray and very windy but we all went on the ride anyway...not a good time to try out a new horse...when we arrived they had her tied very short to the side of the trailer and I noticed she was distressed, she was jigging back and forth and rolled her tongue around in her mouth while arching her neck out. I talked calmly to her and soon they came and put the saddle one her. I untied her and turned her around to walk to where we would all mount up and she immediately pushed her head into the palm of my hand! I had totally forgotten about the sign. THIS was pure syncronisity and new Spirit had brought her to me.

Long story short, 3 weeks later I brought her home. Now, I need to back up a bit, and tell you this is much after Lucky, Sterling and Aragon had passed, and I told Spirit I could not rescue any more heart just could not take it any longer. This time I was in the market for a well trained, much smaller, more mobile and HEALTHY horse. 

Just becasue we ask NOT to have something, does not mean we will  NOT get it. I learned that after I brought her home. Right away she proved to me she was just like how I had imgained Freia in the story. She has the same fiery temperment, very independent, and loads of grit. This little girl does not take shit from anyone. (Pardon  my Italian) She tried to bite, kick or stomp me if I got too close to her back. If I approaced her with something other than the normal brush she would jump straight in the air-all four legs off the ground at the same time! I had only seen this done by the Lippizan horses. She was like a cat on a hot tin roof! She bit anyone who came near her and a few people chose not to heed my warning and got bit anyway.

Brushing was out of the question and forget saddling. I soon picked up on the fact that she was in a whole lot of pain..and it broke my heart to think she had to resort to these extreme measures to try and avoid any more pain.  She had a white patch on her back due to an ill fitting saddle...big red flag. Her whole body hurt and it was quite apparent no one had listened to her messages... until now.

Her bitting was dangerous but I knew hitting her was not the answer. She desperately wanted to be heard! So, whenever she went to take a chunk out of my arm I just put up my hand and slowly told her "STOOOOOP". I could tell she was surprised by my reaction because she was postive a whipping was coming. She just kept one eye on me. I could feel her thinking too. lol! I was an enigma to her...I did not act like all the other humans acted.

Okay backing up again...I knew and felt her hurt, so we had to approach her in a holistic way. She was also terribly under weight. Everyone thought she was a two year old when actually she was six. I couldn't put a saddle on her, besides none of my giant size horse equipment fit her. I gave her a month off and just spent that time using Reiki on her and some other energy things I have tucked up  my sleeve. I spent every night sending her Reiki and talking to her, telling her I would never hurt her etc. Slowly she began to change and I could brush her, only if I did it very softly.

In the beginning, tying her up to brush her was impossible, all she did was jig around and arch her neck out  flipping her tongue around in her mouth. I have seen this before with Aragon and knew this was a sign that she was still feeling major stress. It broke my heart to know all along she was in terrible pain and could not get anyone to listen to her. But now she was with someone who listened to her, and I didn't push her any further than she was willing to go. I let her tell me when she was ready to go to the next stage and all through this I never once hit her or yelled at her. I had learned this lesson long ago from Aragon, he taught me that honey does get more bees. 

I was once told by an old Indian woman, that taking a sick horse for hikes was the best medicine for them. So we spent the next couple months hiking the mountain area in my 15000 acre back yard. She was a great hiking partner! Through this process she slowly learned to trust me. And it wasn't long before I was up in the saddle. 

It is funny how you can is possible, and she is living proof. In writing about the fiery little Freia in my story I fell in love with her and fantasized about having a little horse just like her...and now, she is in my pasture.

She doesn't bite anymore, not even a nibble! She is always so very happy to see me each day and is so eager to hike or ride or learn a new trick. This little gal is so smart she has learned to shake her head up and down, "yes", when I ask her if she is a good girl, she can bow, and she has learned to do the Spanish Walk!

She is not a horse for just anyone, she needs someone who can "horse whisper" or she can be very dangerous. Like I said before she won't take any shit, and living in a world of horse greed humans it would not bode her well. She refused to become a commoditie. Anyone can climb on and ride the hell out of them, that is not true horsemanship. Most people do not even think about the inner self of the horse, and are missing out on the biggest and best part of them. To truly connect with an animal on the conscious level is amazing. There are so many self proclaimed "trainers" out there who have missed the bus, and are wasting their talents. But, kudo's to those that have realized this and are striving to change how they train, taking the longer but more rewarding route, to the soul of the horse.

In talking with a friend who works with my new little mares previous owners. I found out they had problems with her (duh) and she thought they might have sent her to a big trainer in Arizona. Apparently she hurt this trainer pretty badly.                                             Even though I did not want to take on another "project" she came to me anyway, and I am pretty sure if I hadn't taken her home, she would have gone from home to home, or to someone who would have resorted to some of the attrocities described in my book, or worse on a killers truck to Mexico, like so many others like her. 

Who said there is no magic left in the world? But this little mare has taken me to yet another level of awakening. Should we really be sitting upon their backs controlling their every thought and movement? Could you live a life this way? What would you do with your horse if you could no longer ride? Ah, therein lies the true awakening, and the pure magic that awaits...



Sumayah, the Prequel to Dragonhorse

We go back to the time of Lemuria and Agartha; real ancient civilizations that are only thought of as myth and legend to the normal person.

Would you forsake your life and your love to save those you have never met? Book 2 takes us back to how it all began; back to Shion's lifetime as Sumayah. She is caught in a web of two loves; the mysterious one promised to her and the Fae Prince trying to save his realm. This tale of love begins in the ancient realm of Lemuria, a realm of unspeakable beauty and magic thought to be only a myth by the human race. But, there is blood on the moon as impending invasion threatens the lives of those who live there. Sumayah soon learns her life is not her own and is thrust into a world of uncertianties and sacrifices.