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Dec. 29, 2016

Consumerism; the continuous, and mindless support of the 1% rich of our universe. In other words may the dark force be with you…..

We are programmed from the moment we are born to consume. Keep up with the Jones’! Oh, Ford just changed the body style on the new F250! Gotta have it! Oh, they made a new Iphone or Smartphone or whatever the heck it is (yes, I don’t even have a fliphone. Broke out of that matrix). Let’s stand in line for hours to get the latest and greatest, so we can say, “I got one!” Jennifer Lawrence got a new haircut, gotta have it. Did you see the dress Lady Ga Ga (the queen of the dark) wore? Gotta have it. Oh, do you see the new home decorating styles?  Gotta change my colors again. Ever wonder why every couple years they magically change after you worked tirelessly, slaving away to decorate with the newest FAD and Fashion. Which is only fleeting and illusory. I, as a home builder can see the new changes coming. ( I can see their magic), The colors, the textures etc. because the 1% of the mega rich have been putting out their programming. “They aren’t spending enough money so let’s ensure this new trend will take hold so the mindless eaters and consumers will just have to have it and we can keep fuel in the yacht.”

The fearmongering in this is: if we don’t keep up we will be worried what other people will think of us. “Oh, they will think I am poor, or lost my credit rating” >GASP!<  Oh, the horror of someone thinking bad or less of you! Who the FLIP cares! Lack, the fear of lack, is rampant and a huge disease of humanity. We fear we will not be able to have it all, because we want people to think we are rich and then they will look up to us. We want to feel on top of the world and be the best or simply to be just like the rest of the sheeple. Mindless consumers stuck in the matrix of consumerism just to keep those above us laughing as they drink their $1000K bottle of wine.

Did anyone ever stop and wonder why there is only 1% of the world holding all the money? Do you know they hold and horde enough money in their underground football size vaults to make everyone in the whole world millionaires? Research it for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it.  Shouldn’t there be a revolution?

See, that shows you just how good they are. Even if you knew the truth you just accept it for what it is. They keep you controlled by your mind. Look up MKUltra for instance. They feed us crap to make us harmonious and willing so we can wake up every morning and go happily off to work. A person’s worth is measured by how hard he works after all! Produce, produce and produce until you drop dead or they kill you. I mean, once you get old you are worthless to them. “Make room for more slaves! Women, get birthing them babies, we need more slaves. As soon as those babies are born inject them with mind numbing and dumbing down drugs. Insert an implant while you are at it so we can keep track of this new slave. We don’t want his “light” shining on the rest of them, waking them up! A fake mosquito virus will do the trick and keep their little minds busy so they don’t start to realize what we are really up to or how powerful their own thoughts are.”

See, that’s what scares them the most. Our power. If we all woke up and reclaimed our God given power, it would mean the end of them. But, they have programmed us in believing anything that comes from within us is all bad and devil shit. We are nothing but mindless workers.

There is a spiritual teaching that says our suffering comes from or attachment to things. It was the Dali Lama that said it. Look at him, he lost his whole country and is set about to preach worldwide, his message of hope and awakening. Has he died from it? Has someone thought less of him? I think not; well except those still brainwashed and stuck in the matrix.

Are some of you catching my drift here? And if you are not, I wish you the best. It’s not up to me to wake up you but to just be a wayshower. I woke up when my church showed its true colors. The light just went on! I am that I am. I am a sovereign being, that was my gift from Source. And here on this prison plant they want to take it from you and keep it. Don’t let them have that. Take it back. Fight for what was freely given, fight for what you do not have to punch the clock for.

Let’s all be mindful of what we buy and why we buy it. Heck, I haven’t been to a movie in years and am still free to walk the earth! (Do I need to go into how dark and devious Hollywood and mainstream music is?) If you live your life from a sense of lack or fear of what others will think of you, that means you are stuck in their matrix. That tells you how cunning and devious they are. These two fears are from the dark forces… break free from just these two fears and you will begin to rule your own world.  Stop supporting the agenda and the dark forces. Well unless you want to keep slaving away at that job you just love day after day until one day you die from a heart attack or a stroke. 

Oct. 15, 2016

I meditate every day and when I do I get many interesting messages coming through. I usually go back and try to rewrite what I got but miss much of the messages. Lately I have decided to just automatic write  as I meditate. For those who know of the Inner Earth theory which I also write about in my fiction, this channeling came as a surprise to me. I have always had a connection to inner Earth, Agartha, and this is what they had to tell me.  I finally got brave enough to post one. 


A channeling from the Collective Conscious of Agartha 10/14/2016


The ‘original plan’ was for all species of all planets to merge onto Earth to become one, to unify the universe and  further the oneness of all.  The souls that came or should we say, the fractures of the souls that came to Earth are the connection to the collective conscious of all species of the universe so that they may unilaterally experience what it is like for this to happen on one planet.

     Then the souls on Earth were to lose their awareness; their connection of who they truly are, their oneness with the Sources of All and take the long journey to find their way back. The souls as the collective conscious of the oneness of the Universe are all experiencing the journey back to the knowing of oneness. The journey is why we are here. Not the destination, because the destination is already there. We already know what it is like to be of one with Source because we come from Source. It is the experience of the feelings, the emotions, the struggles, the raw livingness of that journey. Be it good or bad.  It is much like a reality TV show. You are set upon the stage and have the guidelines of the play and it is up to you how to move forward in the game. You are given free will to move any way you wish. Each of the soul fractures here on Earth will  add to the great library of learning, recording each experience and each felt emotion to be the forever knowledge. We devised the theme of the grand experiment to experience the loss; like being dropped in the middle of nowhere with amnesia, to experience the journey back home. That is the grand scheme of things.

     Look upon the Dark Side as the villains of this great play. They are only playing their part. Duality serves a purpose for bringing up the emotions, the despair, the loss, the anger, the tragedy of things. And also the opposite of those emotions.  It is true we set out to feel both spectrums of emotion, from the dark all the way back to the light.

    We also needed to feel the emotion of living in every form available, because the natural realm would feel this journey differently than the human realm. And so, all of these emotions and feelings are being recorded. Remember the journey is the destination.

     We are always rushing; we have to take time to experience the full gamut of what is transpiring around us. It is like the stairway to heaven, whereby each step has a door that one must answer the question before one can walk through that door to the next step upward. The raw emotion of the feelings when answering that question and making it to that next step is recorded and noted.  If you chose not to take the challenge of the stair; it would be like someone handing you a present that you have been anticipating and waiting for, then yanking it from your hand and opening it before you, yelling out what it is before you have a change to see it. What a feeling of great loss it would be.

     You must walk and feel the journey of knowledge yourself. Everything must happen in its own time. Not all of us will reconnect up to the higher dimensions at the same time. Some of us want to play the game a little longer. Some of us want to partake of the play a little longer. There is no right or wrong way to participate in this play, only your way. So please remember to live each day to the fullest. Look to the silver lining of each day. Make a calendar and make each  day a journaling of any bright. Some days you will have to look harder. Make it an effort to find the bright spot of each day, which will move you closer to the destination with each acknowledgement. Stop saying if and when, start living it this moment, this very day. It is never too late to start. Know in your heart we are watching and listening. Waiting to welcome each and every one of you to the next and higher step of the journey for as you, we also are on the continuing journey back toward Source. The Collective Consciousness of Agartha