May. 17, 2013

Horses, my muse

Hello, it's been a while...BUT, the house is done, we are moved in, most of the boxes have been unpacked except one big storage unit. Once the barn/garage is finished we can empty that storage. It will be another long busy summer and I am envious of those who are planting their gardens! I fear I will have to put that off until next year and it is killing me! 

Okay, so hard as it is to pull away from the deep desire to dig into  Mother Earth's soil, I must focus on todays subject.

After I brought Ciara home I realized I had actually manifested her through my writings of Freia, having fallen in love with that little fiery mare and longing for one of my own just like her...

But, first I must back up a bit...Ciara came after I had given my big 17 hand percheron/TB gelding Wynter, to my sister. I had owned him since he was 5 months old. He was a PMU rescue out of Canada. When he turned 5 we moved from Elizabeth up into the mountains. It was not long before we realized Wynter and the high Rockies with it's maurading mountain lions was not a match. He was forever afraid and spooky. I had finally made the agonizing decision to send him back to the Front Range (Denver Metro area) by my sister where he is now a schooling jumper. He is content to just work in the arena, still not wanting to venture too far from the confines and safety of the barns. 

So, I had a few weeks without a horse, it was awful looking in that empty pasture. It was especially awful for my poor sister, since I cried and blubbered too her quite often how much I missed Wynter. 

Okay, need to back up some more! Our previous house on that mountain was now for sale, and since the economic crash was still going on, buyers were slim. So, my husband kept telling me I needed to find another horse that had been raised in the mountains and used to the wildlife. I wasn't sure what to do since I knew our house would sell one day and than I would have to find a place to board the new horse while we built the next house.....

oops hold on a moment UPS just arrived...YEP! It's my latest shipment of Dragonhorse!

Okay, back to my story. So, still undecided as what to do and missing the company of a horse, I buried myself in finishing Dragonhorse. I was doing re-writes and was really enjoying the character Freia. I found myslef thinking many a time (putting thought into form) how I needed a nice little horse that loved to trail ride and did not need any healing or a ton of my time...just like Freia.

A few days after finishing up on the first re-write, we just happen to be heading down our mountain road and there was know the rest of the story if you read about her in the character section on my website...

I have now come to the conclusion I am never to be horseless...the few times I was, it was unbearable! It has dawned on me that every writer must have a muse! And yes, my muse is horses.

My poor, poor husband who must put up with my very expensive and time consuming "disease".  But, I do know that my attachment to the equine world goes beyond my control and full understanding. So together, me and my horses explore the world of magic!

Today that little fiery mare showed me some of her magic. You see, I have been teaching her tricks, and all winter long I have been envisioning a new trick, which is rearing straight up in the air. This, morning she decided to show me the trick that I had conveyed to her all winter long, via my thoughts! During circle work she stopped and looked and me, than took two steps back and went straight up into the air!! Just like a trained show stallion. All I saw was her left eye and soft brown belly! Yes, horses; my muse--my connection to the realm of magic.