Jun. 4, 2013

Prequel to Dragonhorse

Writing and marketing coupled together with painful scoliosis can and is a daunting task! This morning once again I must sit at the computer with a dagger in my back (my scoliosis) and create. But I will push on and prevail just as I always have my whole life. It is the same as performing magic...no matter the outcome you must push on and practice your craft. Practice does make perfect and you learn a whole heck of a lot on the way; remember in Dragonhorse Shion must learn that the journey is the best part.
This reminds me of when I was a wee child probably about the age of 10. I and my constant companion Kelly, wanted to be wildlife healers. We were young, and full of compassion for every crawling, creeping, flying, running, being on our earth. This was when I just knew I had a mission in life but at that time thought it was only to heal animals.
I remember our first patient. Kelly and I were enjoying the end of a downpour that had flooded the streets with bath like water. We noticed a worm--yes I said worm, the lowliest of the beings on our planet; anyway this poor little worm must have tumbled along the sides of the street and gotten beaten nearly to death! Well, we just had to save the little fellow, and proceeded to wrap him in a band-aid. The wiggly little bugger was having none of it, and crawled right out of our careful and loving administrations.
How many of us today would do such a thing? Most of us not. We loose that part of ourselves after our "rights of passage" into adulthood. We loose the magic of our lives! How sad don't you think?
So, this is why I write. It keeps me connected to that time in my life;keeps me connected to my enchanted realm. What keeps you connected to your enchanted realm?
Oh, and I might add I was a HUGE Merlin fan; the SYFY series that just ended. That was my Friday night connection to my enchanted realm, and I was and am so sad to see it end.
So, what to do, what to do? The ending of Merlin has now opened the way to the beginning of another chapter to the world of Dragonhorse. Yes, I have started the prequel! The prequel will answer all of the why's and whats of what Shion and her allies had to endure and conquer. We go back to another time-to the beginning. I will keep you posted...[book:Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge|17658932]