Jun. 17, 2013

Why do you read fantasy-scifi?

For me writing fantasy is more than taking a year and plotting out a good story.
I do not like the term "fantasy" because what I write is not necessarily made up. 
Not all of it anyway. I cannot watch the move Lord of the Rings with out crying through most of it. I feel like I lived that life! I resonate with it.

Those of you who read fantasy must ask yourself why? What draws you to it. Is it a wish to live in a different world? Is it the inner quest for knowledge and power? Or could it be something much deeper? 

Is it with out actually knowing, a way to recapture something that once was a part of you. Something you lived before, instilled in your cell memory. Reading fantasy helps to keep you somewhat sated and connected to that hidden truth, but it is never enough...it keeps you reaching for that next book hoping some message or character in there will resonate with you; give you that "Ah Ha" moment. 
I write fantasy because I must. This is my path in life; (even though I have tried to ignore it) to reach others with my written word. My writing is about the hidden truths to the world, hidden and made into riddle and rhyme waiting for those of you who read to resonate and awaken and go "AH HA", I do know what she is talking about. To awaken you to the true magic and power to do good, that is within yourself. My story is not just a "story" I challenge you to find the hidden truth. And if you don't get what I am writing about, that is fine...you are not ready yet. Someone once told me I would be a great teacher; maybe this is how I am to teach. Coming in the back door so to speak.