Sep. 5, 2013

After the Great Shift


If you are here and reading my blog I am thinking you like my book and got the message. And if you didn't and you roll your eyes at what I have to say don't worry...your 3D world will still be here for you to keep experiencing pain, fear, anguish and yes...hell. We have a choice.

The many messages in that book. And no, I did not write that book out of pure enjoyment. I and the world, Gaia, Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, and her natural realms have a message! And it was something I had to do to just get it out of my head!  It is time to remember who we are and forget what we were told, and remember why we have come here for starters!

Did you know that we almost killed our  own planet back in the 70's? Did you know that our planet has been the only planet under quarantine due to our evilness? WE are the 'evildoers" of the Universe! Something needed to be done and fast. IF you believe in other worldly beings you are awake and correct in your thinking. They put out a call of service to help our planet and the call was answered (man that sounds like another great book). 

In my book most of the characters are other worldly beings hidden behind fantasy titles such as dragon, gypsy, Fae, horse! Do you catch my segue??  SHion herself is a volunteer soul who chose to come and help, just like 100's of thousands of people on this planet today! I am one of them and that was how I was able to write my book. Whether you like this information or not this is of the norm these days and you should probably catch up...

Once the volunteer souls/indigo's/rainbow/crystal beings came, things changed and the Earth's balance was and is being restored. Since 2012 we have been bombarded with photonic 5D energy (the Shift). Yes, it has been hard for most of us but it is like being born can be difficult. Our DNA IS changing and science has proven this. We are (those of us who consent) becoming homo luminous or a light body! 

I get a lot of people out there who still roll their eyes at me! And why, why on Earth would you want to stay in such limitation? Yes, we have a choice to stay with the 3D Earth..and you chose this out of fear. Yes the 3D Earth is a place of hell! It is the same as not believing you have gifts. This one really floors me...we all love to watch superhero shows but when confronte with our own inherent powers we ignor and supress them..out of fear...STOP THAT!!!! Claim what is yours and lets get on with changing our world. But....if you choose to live in fear, pain, anguish, and like that kind of life that so be it.

It is amazing how the gypsy/boho them is so popular today. I have a pinterest board for my characters and on it is a beautifully crafted Indian/Gypsy bracelet that gets pinned at least 10 times a day on other "I wanna be a gypsy" boards! And why is that? Simply because people are yearning for that way of life that they think the gypsy lived; the free spirit living with nature. Even though the gypsy has had it pretty tough for the last 1000 years!

So we are looking to reclaim what we have lost or what we already know: the forgotten knowledge! We are the seekeers of the forgotten knowledge. For yes, we have already seen our new 5D earth and all it's glory! We are remembering what is there. We just need to wake up and peel away the dense layers of our physical self holding fast to things that no longer serve us. Shion had to go through the same initiations in order for her to expand enough and fulfill her part of the Great Shift. 

We are so close you and I. Let's cross over together in our lightbody and no longer have to experience the physical death. Hurry, because I am so sick of putting on makeup every morning....