Oct. 16, 2013

Heckle the Raven


I had a very bad night last night and it made me wonder about my true connection with the natural realm. Had I lost it somehow?

Two months ago I bought a very nice, sweet, older quarter horse show gelding. He needed to retire from the show ring and my mare has been very lonesome. With winter fast approaching I wanted to get her companionship to get her through the cold and dark time of the year. Well, my mare has just been horrible to him! Oh, I must remind you this is my mare Ciara, the one I had to rehabilitate from her previous abusive situation. Last night she kicked my gelding but good!

She has just been mean and nasty towards him and last night I noticed his back leg pouring blood from a perfect kick to his inside hock…the dead giveaway was the perfect hoof imprint that was oozing red. Now previous to this she had kicked him in the front knee and splayed open his knee!

Well, seeing his second wound just broke my heart and really angered me. So I got out my herbal wash of clove, frankincense and thyme essential oils…does wonders! I sent him healing energy last night and this morning he is much better. But, I was so disappointed in Ciara’s actions. It really brought me down and needless to say I am contemplating finding her a new home….I feel she is making the choice to move on by her constant actions. I had spent the last year and a half rehabilitating her and she has turned into a very fun mare, barring the occasional kick and nip and how she treats her companion!

     Okay so I need to back up here. The raven is one of my favorite birds besides the falcon. I have two ravens that live in the area and they hang with my horses. All summer long I have been talking to them as they fly overhead and inviting them into my space, putting thought to action, manifesting an introduction. So this morning, I went out to feed the horses still feeling very low and yes horribly crabby because of it (my poor husband).  So commiserating over my low vibrational state, I schlep down the driveway towards the barn. I get halfway to the barn and I froze. Suddenly I felt the shift in my vibration as I could not believe what was nonchalantly sitting in front of me! There on the fence post sat Heckle, (I call them Heckle and Jeckle).  He saw me coming and cawed to me tipping his head and looking at me with his left eye. I knew he was talking to me so I walked toward him. I returned his call and proceeded to walk right by him and stand next to Tequila (my gelding). Heckel kept his banter up and I listened as he changed the pitch and tone of his caw. I cawed back at him and he just looked at me, I could see his eye clearly and how his black feathers laid around his face and head.  I knew ravens were big birds and I got a real birds-eye view on how big they actually are! Pardon the pun.

 By this time I was only about 15 feet away and he was not intimidated in the least by my close proximity.  We shared a few more raven exchanges and then he lifted into the air. As he lifted into the air so did my low vibrational state. I could feel it rise with his ascent into the bluing sky.  Now that was magical! Those moments are what we talk about when we say look for the magick in your daily life.

 But, I must also tell you that where Heckel was sitting, down on the ground was an empty water bowl. I had put it there for the hornets. Yes I said hornets. They had been buzzing me around the horse water tank looking for water so I kept that bowl filled for them with a rock in the middle so more of them can gather to drink without drowning. These hornets will come down the driveway to my front deck if I am out there and buzz my face until I go and fill up there bowl again. They really do appreciate it. Its little things like that, when man and nature cooperate. That is the magick of our lives.