Jan. 27, 2014

Hollow Earth, Aghartha and Shambala


If you click on this link and listen to this radio show,about 30 minutes in they talk about the reality of our planet. We are finding out that our world is not just molten lava within...and there is a very very vast area within our planet that is not accounted for. This is where the Hollow Earth theory comes in.

I am a believer in this theory, and I also think that we have many different "realms" or dimensional beings living here right with us that we cannot see as long as we insist on living the 3rd dimension experience. We are not alone. I have incorporated this into book 2 of Dragonhorse. 

Our world is just a hologram, we are just projections of our thoughts. We do have the ability to "think" our world into being what we are dreaming of.