Mar. 25, 2014

Paranormal, Fairytale, Fantasy or Metaphysical?

Fairytale, Fantasy or Methaphyscial? I was having a conversation with my foreign rights agent before she took Dragonhorse off to Bologna, Italy for the annual book fair. The conversation was about the genre of my saga. I have been calling it a fantasy for lack of another word, and secretly abhor that term. Fantasy means something that is impossible or improbable. Nothing in my life has been impossible nor improbable, especially in the realm of magic, another misunderstood term, which simply means, to cause a change in yours or someone’s life by thought or intention accompanied by the unending belief of the outcome you desire.

 In doing a little more digging I have decided we need to add another genre. That genre would be called Metaphysical, meaning, beyond the normal scope of belief and science. Yes, perfect! Since Dragonhorse is based on my experiences in the realm of metaphysics I have learned that all things are possible and probable as long as we follow the rule of magic.

I have spent the winter on a mission to get book 2 of my Dragonhorse Saga in the hands of my editor by March. And yes, I made that possible and hope to get it released sometime in June.

Here is the book description I have been working on for book 2, “Sumayah”

   Would you forsake love to save those you have never met?  In book 2 of the Dragonhorse Saga, we go back in time, to Shion’s life as Sumayah.  It begins in the world of Lemuria, a mystical, utopian land, shared with the Fae, inaccessible to man and thought to be only a legend, except by a secret group called Witches.

Another race called Rep’s has settled within the realm of men, enslaving them for riches and power, changing the original plan for Earth.  With the continuing disappearance of dragons the Lemurians and the Fae form a plan to save Earth and awaken men from their bondage.

Lemuria is destroyed to keep her from the approaching Rep’s who have gained entrance to Lemuria by capturing and using one of the dragons. At the very last second the Lemurian’s shift into middle earth, another mythical place called Agartha, where secrets are revealed, truths are learned and family is reunited. 

The journey does not end there, and some will answer the calling, and return to the upper world to save Mother Earth and the realm of men, but not before middle earth is penetrated and the legendary battle for Agartha begins.

   Follow Sumayah on her legendary and epic journey, as she saves a dying dragon, battles a long-tooth tiger, learns to control her power of fire, becomes a Priestess by gaining the trust of a fiery horse, is torn between two loves, learns the lethal powers of the darkness, and most of all, calls into existence the dragonhorse.