Jul. 9, 2014

Panther, my Power Animal

I was looking through my pinterest "Familiars" board and saw that I had plenty of panther pictures which brought up an old memory.

I had learned long ago on my journey into the realm of magic that panther was my power animal. The panther is silent and a watcher, can see into the dark to the center of one’s true soul. Panther also speaks of reclaiming one’s own power. Man . . . that was right on for me!

I was trying to work on my throat chakra, I had plenty to say but found it very difficult to speak my truth to others. I was good at lip service, just telling them what they wanted to hear to not make waves or be accepted into that particular circle.

The panther taught me to reclaim who I truly am and honor my beliefs. It took me many years to realize this panther was trying to tell me I could speak my truth, not in public but by the written word. And so I have!

If you are skeptical about how our power animals work with us here is an interesting story:

    One of my friends . . . way back when, is a Cherokee Medicine Woman, and I spent many years following her around, helping her at the many metaphysical fairs and sweat lodges, etc.

She used to say, “I need you at this fair, and bring your panther!” Which I did and my panther was there guarding her from overly attentive fair goers.

This Medicine Woman friend decided she needed to have another soul retrieval ceremony, you she, had cancer when she was young and was still dealing with the residual effects of the drugs they gave her. I had no idea what day her soul retrieval was, but one after noon about 2pm I had this overwhelming need to lay down and sleep! I dove into my couch and snored for about an hour! This was very strange for me because I could not fight that strong urge.

 Well, a day later my friend had to call me up and tell me about her soul retrieval. She promptly told me that the woman performing the ritual was amazed at the fact that she had a black panther sitting at her feet! My friend immediately new it was my panther, our connection was so strong at that time I was drawn into her ceremony.

I told her she was lucky I was not driving my car down the road at that time!!!!

So you see, if you put in the time and energy this can all be manifested into your life. But do be careful, working in the realm of magic can be dangerous.


ures. Today I remembered an interesting story