Dec. 6, 2012

My very first attempt!

Okay! Coming from a very right brained person this social media stuff can be daunting! I mean, I am still walking around with a flip phone! So much for my Platform! But bear with me, I think I will get the hang of it.

So, today I met with two other aspiring authors. I had forgotten how inspirational it can be to be with your peeps. I used to say that, "I love hanging with my peeps!" whenever I was peddling my potions and oils at the local metaphysical fairs.  Well anyway, they inspired  me to try a blog. So, you Dragonhorse readers get out there and be inspired!

Now on to the good stuff. I am sure you're all wondering what inspired Dragonhorse...It was a horse and a wish . . . a wish to become a healer and HEAL something. If I remember correctly, it was long, long ago, like 1996, I had just finished Reiki Level 2 and eager to go out and heal the world. I owned a horse at the time named Bo, he had come off an Indian reservation and sported an arrowhead brand on his cheek. Bo was cranky and used to being alone. Anyways, I was watching this beautiful gray thoroughbred down the street and had always dreamed of owning a big gray horse. Well one day my middle daughter had come home from babysitting across the road from where this horse lived, and informed me that the horse was real sick, and I should heal him. 

Yes, you guessed it...I hiked over there and knocked on the door and a kindly old lady answered the door with her big Christian cross glinting in my eyes. Oh great, I thought, how am I going to ask a Chrisitan if I can heal her horse..I mean wasn't all that left up to Jesus? Well, I asked anyway and she surprised me by saying she was willing to do anything to help her poor see she had rescued him from the "killers" a year earlier. He was very malnourished but she felt sorry for him and fed him until he gained weight. So now, a year later he had developed melanoma, which is common in gray horses. She had a vet come see him and all he did was cut one of the tumerous growths off of his right front leg. She said the poor horse bleed in the pasture for two weeks and the growth ultimatley came back. The vet gave the horse about 8 months to live... 

When Shion meets Nero for the first time in the story, that is how I felt meeting Lucky for the first time. The flies were terrible and he smelled like walking death. To this day I can still smell it. But I didn't care! I had just learned level 2 Reiki and I was going to save this horse!

Come back tomorrow when I tell you the rest of the story...I have to go feed my latest horse Ciara. I can see her staring at me as I sit in front of my office window.