Dec. 8, 2012

Automatic writing?

Before I go into the rest of the story I just wanted to ask, have any of you done something in life that you were sure  was guided? Nothing in life is by chance...I think most of us have already surmised that..those that are awake anyway.

Once I sat down and began to type out the words to the story--having no idea what I was doing or where I was going with it, things began to just pop into my head, and my fingers flew across the key pad. After I would finish a few paragraphs I would read back what I wrote and was surprised at my words...those couldn't be MY words?  So, much later talking with a vey wise friend of mine, about  how "guided" I felt it was in writing this story, she said I was actually channeling it! THAT was another of my many AH HA's! Now that I think about it I should have kept a journal of those moments. If we begin to recognize these bits of awakening, we begin to notice them more often..this is called psychic development and a step to learning true magic. Magic comes in small packages of syncronisity and when we begin to understand this, wow, to the moon!

This story has many messages, each of you who read or have read it will begin to understand why this story had to be written. If you are already on the path of "Seeker" you will know that this is not just a fantasy--it is much more then that. And for those of you who are not on the "Path" you will find or have found it to be very entertaining and titilating, maybe even getting you to go within yourselves and ask, 'who is the real me, what is MY truth.'

This picture is of  Lucky and I. He is Nero in the story. He was my first and still is a great teacher of mine. And it is to him and the realm of the horse that I owe my most gratitude...not to mention the dragon who is much intertwined with the horse. Till next time....