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Oct. 16, 2013


I had a very bad night last night and it made me wonder about my true connection with the natural realm. Had I lost it somehow?

Two months ago I bought a very nice, sweet, older quarter horse show gelding. He needed to retire from the show ring and my mare has been very lonesome. With winter fast approaching I wanted to get her companionship to get her through the cold and dark time of the year. Well, my mare has just been horrible to him! Oh, I must remind you this is my mare Ciara, the one I had to rehabilitate from her previous abusive situation. Last night she kicked my gelding but good!

She has just been mean and nasty towards him and last night I noticed his back leg pouring blood from a perfect kick to his inside hock…the dead giveaway was the perfect hoof imprint that was oozing red. Now previous to this she had kicked him in the front knee and splayed open his knee!

Well, seeing his second wound just broke my heart and really angered me. So I got out my herbal wash of clove, frankincense and thyme essential oils…does wonders! I sent him healing energy last night and this morning he is much better. But, I was so disappointed in Ciara’s actions. It really brought me down and needless to say I am contemplating finding her a new home….I feel she is making the choice to move on by her constant actions. I had spent the last year and a half rehabilitating her and she has turned into a very fun mare, barring the occasional kick and nip and how she treats her companion!

     Okay so I need to back up here. The raven is one of my favorite birds besides the falcon. I have two ravens that live in the area and they hang with my horses. All summer long I have been talking to them as they fly overhead and inviting them into my space, putting thought to action, manifesting an introduction. So this morning, I went out to feed the horses still feeling very low and yes horribly crabby because of it (my poor husband).  So commiserating over my low vibrational state, I schlep down the driveway towards the barn. I get halfway to the barn and I froze. Suddenly I felt the shift in my vibration as I could not believe what was nonchalantly sitting in front of me! There on the fence post sat Heckle, (I call them Heckle and Jeckle).  He saw me coming and cawed to me tipping his head and looking at me with his left eye. I knew he was talking to me so I walked toward him. I returned his call and proceeded to walk right by him and stand next to Tequila (my gelding). Heckel kept his banter up and I listened as he changed the pitch and tone of his caw. I cawed back at him and he just looked at me, I could see his eye clearly and how his black feathers laid around his face and head.  I knew ravens were big birds and I got a real birds-eye view on how big they actually are! Pardon the pun.

 By this time I was only about 15 feet away and he was not intimidated in the least by my close proximity.  We shared a few more raven exchanges and then he lifted into the air. As he lifted into the air so did my low vibrational state. I could feel it rise with his ascent into the bluing sky.  Now that was magical! Those moments are what we talk about when we say look for the magick in your daily life.

 But, I must also tell you that where Heckel was sitting, down on the ground was an empty water bowl. I had put it there for the hornets. Yes I said hornets. They had been buzzing me around the horse water tank looking for water so I kept that bowl filled for them with a rock in the middle so more of them can gather to drink without drowning. These hornets will come down the driveway to my front deck if I am out there and buzz my face until I go and fill up there bowl again. They really do appreciate it. Its little things like that, when man and nature cooperate. That is the magick of our lives.

Sep. 12, 2013

As I drove to Canon City this morning in the rain marveling at the once desert looking town now lush and green with a ghost like vapor rapping around the mountains, it reminded me of the word dimension. I wondered as I drove if everyone else saw and appreciated what I saw or did they look at the now ever present of rain and wash-outs as an annoyance. I have noticed that a great majority of the population are pessimistic and find fault with all of our earthly changes. The word flood and flooding has been the word of choice on the news as of late. But I choose to look at this as Gaia’s cleansing process and my spiraling upward into the new dimension of ascension.

I too questioned this change as cyclical or as something new that his happening? I choose the latter. I have set my mind up the Great Shift, our Golden Age since we passed through the Grand Cross of 2012.

So what does this have to do with my book Dragonhorse? For those of you who have read it will remember Shion and Ryven as they travel to their destiny notice the changes of the earth…the towns are dense and dark with unpredictable and extreme weather. The flowers and the sky have lost their vibrant hues. They noticed that all realms of nature have begun to shrink away into the veil of darkness.

When Shion and Ryven find the Gypsy Travellers and they follow them to the town of Dragonwyck they immediately notice the change in atmosphere. Shion feels as if she has entered into a different world; a world of lightness and beauty, cooperation, love, and all knowing.

Looking back when I sat and wrote this story I did not yet understand the enormity of what I was writing. I just thought I was “creating my setting”…which I was but even more so. You see in my mind I was describing a different dimension, a dimension with a higher vibration than our present 3rd dimensional world. But like the title of my book, Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge I too was on a journey to re-remember. I was Shion, recounting my past and carefully documenting my growth and the work that I needed to do in order to raise my level of vibration into the 5th dimensional world and beyond that is now available to us. You see, this world is not free, you must do the work and you cannot be “told”. Just like Shion in the story she had to learn it in her head first, but it did not mean anything to her until she felt it in her heart. And Bethia, the queen of the gypsies told her this is what she had to do…she had to go out into the world and experience until it was in her heart. And as she learned and experienced she gain more knowledge and her world began to expand and open to her. Began to see things she never saw before, things that were legend to have been there before. So as her conscious expanded she began to see the dimensional world that we share that is around us waiting for us to step up into. That is how she was privileged to see Elspeth the faerie diva of the wood and her unicorn.

But Shion, also learned that this new dimensional world is not always accessible and that she would slip in and out of the higher dimension, just as we do today…especially the true seekers!

Even though my story is written as a “fantasy” it is much about what is happening in our world today. All we have to do is believe, do the work, and open our hearts. The more me do this the more we will get our little “ah ha’s” and the more and more ah ha’s we will see. Before you know it you will have re learned the forgotten knowledge. The knowledge that has always been there, the new world that has always been there just waiting for each and every one of us who so chooses, to walk up the spiral and into the 5th dimension.

So in the end of the story when they had to go through the barrier of protection they were taking the last steps needed into the 5th dimensional world. Even though the crimson army of the church was betting at it’s walls they, still believing, thinking and living the 3rd dimension was not a match to the vibration of the 5th dimensional world and would never be able to enter.


Sep. 5, 2013


If you are here and reading my blog I am thinking you like my book and got the message. And if you didn't and you roll your eyes at what I have to say don't worry...your 3D world will still be here for you to keep experiencing pain, fear, anguish and yes...hell. We have a choice.

The many messages in that book. And no, I did not write that book out of pure enjoyment. I and the world, Gaia, Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, and her natural realms have a message! And it was something I had to do to just get it out of my head!  It is time to remember who we are and forget what we were told, and remember why we have come here for starters!

Did you know that we almost killed our  own planet back in the 70's? Did you know that our planet has been the only planet under quarantine due to our evilness? WE are the 'evildoers" of the Universe! Something needed to be done and fast. IF you believe in other worldly beings you are awake and correct in your thinking. They put out a call of service to help our planet and the call was answered (man that sounds like another great book). 

In my book most of the characters are other worldly beings hidden behind fantasy titles such as dragon, gypsy, Fae, horse! Do you catch my segue??  SHion herself is a volunteer soul who chose to come and help, just like 100's of thousands of people on this planet today! I am one of them and that was how I was able to write my book. Whether you like this information or not this is of the norm these days and you should probably catch up...

Once the volunteer souls/indigo's/rainbow/crystal beings came, things changed and the Earth's balance was and is being restored. Since 2012 we have been bombarded with photonic 5D energy (the Shift). Yes, it has been hard for most of us but it is like being born can be difficult. Our DNA IS changing and science has proven this. We are (those of us who consent) becoming homo luminous or a light body! 

I get a lot of people out there who still roll their eyes at me! And why, why on Earth would you want to stay in such limitation? Yes, we have a choice to stay with the 3D Earth..and you chose this out of fear. Yes the 3D Earth is a place of hell! It is the same as not believing you have gifts. This one really floors me...we all love to watch superhero shows but when confronte with our own inherent powers we ignor and supress them..out of fear...STOP THAT!!!! Claim what is yours and lets get on with changing our world. But....if you choose to live in fear, pain, anguish, and like that kind of life that so be it.

It is amazing how the gypsy/boho them is so popular today. I have a pinterest board for my characters and on it is a beautifully crafted Indian/Gypsy bracelet that gets pinned at least 10 times a day on other "I wanna be a gypsy" boards! And why is that? Simply because people are yearning for that way of life that they think the gypsy lived; the free spirit living with nature. Even though the gypsy has had it pretty tough for the last 1000 years!

So we are looking to reclaim what we have lost or what we already know: the forgotten knowledge! We are the seekeers of the forgotten knowledge. For yes, we have already seen our new 5D earth and all it's glory! We are remembering what is there. We just need to wake up and peel away the dense layers of our physical self holding fast to things that no longer serve us. Shion had to go through the same initiations in order for her to expand enough and fulfill her part of the Great Shift. 

We are so close you and I. Let's cross over together in our lightbody and no longer have to experience the physical death. Hurry, because I am so sick of putting on makeup every morning....

Jun. 17, 2013

For me writing fantasy is more than taking a year and plotting out a good story.
I do not like the term "fantasy" because what I write is not necessarily made up. 
Not all of it anyway. I cannot watch the move Lord of the Rings with out crying through most of it. I feel like I lived that life! I resonate with it.

Those of you who read fantasy must ask yourself why? What draws you to it. Is it a wish to live in a different world? Is it the inner quest for knowledge and power? Or could it be something much deeper? 

Is it with out actually knowing, a way to recapture something that once was a part of you. Something you lived before, instilled in your cell memory. Reading fantasy helps to keep you somewhat sated and connected to that hidden truth, but it is never keeps you reaching for that next book hoping some message or character in there will resonate with you; give you that "Ah Ha" moment. 
I write fantasy because I must. This is my path in life; (even though I have tried to ignore it) to reach others with my written word. My writing is about the hidden truths to the world, hidden and made into riddle and rhyme waiting for those of you who read to resonate and awaken and go "AH HA", I do know what she is talking about. To awaken you to the true magic and power to do good, that is within yourself. My story is not just a "story" I challenge you to find the hidden truth. And if you don't get what I am writing about, that is are not ready yet. Someone once told me I would be a great teacher; maybe this is how I am to teach. Coming in the back door so to speak.

Jun. 4, 2013

Writing and marketing coupled together with painful scoliosis can and is a daunting task! This morning once again I must sit at the computer with a dagger in my back (my scoliosis) and create. But I will push on and prevail just as I always have my whole life. It is the same as performing matter the outcome you must push on and practice your craft. Practice does make perfect and you learn a whole heck of a lot on the way; remember in Dragonhorse Shion must learn that the journey is the best part.
This reminds me of when I was a wee child probably about the age of 10. I and my constant companion Kelly, wanted to be wildlife healers. We were young, and full of compassion for every crawling, creeping, flying, running, being on our earth. This was when I just knew I had a mission in life but at that time thought it was only to heal animals.
I remember our first patient. Kelly and I were enjoying the end of a downpour that had flooded the streets with bath like water. We noticed a worm--yes I said worm, the lowliest of the beings on our planet; anyway this poor little worm must have tumbled along the sides of the street and gotten beaten nearly to death! Well, we just had to save the little fellow, and proceeded to wrap him in a band-aid. The wiggly little bugger was having none of it, and crawled right out of our careful and loving administrations.
How many of us today would do such a thing? Most of us not. We loose that part of ourselves after our "rights of passage" into adulthood. We loose the magic of our lives! How sad don't you think?
So, this is why I write. It keeps me connected to that time in my life;keeps me connected to my enchanted realm. What keeps you connected to your enchanted realm?
Oh, and I might add I was a HUGE Merlin fan; the SYFY series that just ended. That was my Friday night connection to my enchanted realm, and I was and am so sad to see it end.
So, what to do, what to do? The ending of Merlin has now opened the way to the beginning of another chapter to the world of Dragonhorse. Yes, I have started the prequel! The prequel will answer all of the why's and whats of what Shion and her allies had to endure and conquer. We go back to another time-to the beginning. I will keep you posted...[book:Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge|17658932]