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Jun. 4, 2013

Writing and marketing coupled together with painful scoliosis can and is a daunting task! This morning once again I must sit at the computer with a dagger in my back (my scoliosis) and create. But I will push on and prevail just as I always have my whole life. It is the same as performing matter the outcome you must push on and practice your craft. Practice does make perfect and you learn a whole heck of a lot on the way; remember in Dragonhorse Shion must learn that the journey is the best part.
This reminds me of when I was a wee child probably about the age of 10. I and my constant companion Kelly, wanted to be wildlife healers. We were young, and full of compassion for every crawling, creeping, flying, running, being on our earth. This was when I just knew I had a mission in life but at that time thought it was only to heal animals.
I remember our first patient. Kelly and I were enjoying the end of a downpour that had flooded the streets with bath like water. We noticed a worm--yes I said worm, the lowliest of the beings on our planet; anyway this poor little worm must have tumbled along the sides of the street and gotten beaten nearly to death! Well, we just had to save the little fellow, and proceeded to wrap him in a band-aid. The wiggly little bugger was having none of it, and crawled right out of our careful and loving administrations.
How many of us today would do such a thing? Most of us not. We loose that part of ourselves after our "rights of passage" into adulthood. We loose the magic of our lives! How sad don't you think?
So, this is why I write. It keeps me connected to that time in my life;keeps me connected to my enchanted realm. What keeps you connected to your enchanted realm?
Oh, and I might add I was a HUGE Merlin fan; the SYFY series that just ended. That was my Friday night connection to my enchanted realm, and I was and am so sad to see it end.
So, what to do, what to do? The ending of Merlin has now opened the way to the beginning of another chapter to the world of Dragonhorse. Yes, I have started the prequel! The prequel will answer all of the why's and whats of what Shion and her allies had to endure and conquer. We go back to another time-to the beginning. I will keep you posted...[book:Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge|17658932]

May. 17, 2013

Hello, it's been a while...BUT, the house is done, we are moved in, most of the boxes have been unpacked except one big storage unit. Once the barn/garage is finished we can empty that storage. It will be another long busy summer and I am envious of those who are planting their gardens! I fear I will have to put that off until next year and it is killing me! 

Okay, so hard as it is to pull away from the deep desire to dig into  Mother Earth's soil, I must focus on todays subject.

After I brought Ciara home I realized I had actually manifested her through my writings of Freia, having fallen in love with that little fiery mare and longing for one of my own just like her...

But, first I must back up a bit...Ciara came after I had given my big 17 hand percheron/TB gelding Wynter, to my sister. I had owned him since he was 5 months old. He was a PMU rescue out of Canada. When he turned 5 we moved from Elizabeth up into the mountains. It was not long before we realized Wynter and the high Rockies with it's maurading mountain lions was not a match. He was forever afraid and spooky. I had finally made the agonizing decision to send him back to the Front Range (Denver Metro area) by my sister where he is now a schooling jumper. He is content to just work in the arena, still not wanting to venture too far from the confines and safety of the barns. 

So, I had a few weeks without a horse, it was awful looking in that empty pasture. It was especially awful for my poor sister, since I cried and blubbered too her quite often how much I missed Wynter. 

Okay, need to back up some more! Our previous house on that mountain was now for sale, and since the economic crash was still going on, buyers were slim. So, my husband kept telling me I needed to find another horse that had been raised in the mountains and used to the wildlife. I wasn't sure what to do since I knew our house would sell one day and than I would have to find a place to board the new horse while we built the next house.....

oops hold on a moment UPS just arrived...YEP! It's my latest shipment of Dragonhorse!

Okay, back to my story. So, still undecided as what to do and missing the company of a horse, I buried myself in finishing Dragonhorse. I was doing re-writes and was really enjoying the character Freia. I found myslef thinking many a time (putting thought into form) how I needed a nice little horse that loved to trail ride and did not need any healing or a ton of my time...just like Freia.

A few days after finishing up on the first re-write, we just happen to be heading down our mountain road and there was know the rest of the story if you read about her in the character section on my website...

I have now come to the conclusion I am never to be horseless...the few times I was, it was unbearable! It has dawned on me that every writer must have a muse! And yes, my muse is horses.

My poor, poor husband who must put up with my very expensive and time consuming "disease".  But, I do know that my attachment to the equine world goes beyond my control and full understanding. So together, me and my horses explore the world of magic!

Today that little fiery mare showed me some of her magic. You see, I have been teaching her tricks, and all winter long I have been envisioning a new trick, which is rearing straight up in the air. This, morning she decided to show me the trick that I had conveyed to her all winter long, via my thoughts! During circle work she stopped and looked and me, than took two steps back and went straight up into the air!! Just like a trained show stallion. All I saw was her left eye and soft brown belly! Yes, horses; my muse--my connection to the realm of magic.

Jan. 27, 2013

I had said before that from a very young age I had a strong feeling there was something I had to do. Since we come into each lifetime with amnesia, I spent most of this lifetime trying to remember. It has taken half of my lifetime of learning and experiencing to come to my conclusion. Yes, I was inspired by my great love for the horse. The horse is what has put me on my path and kept me there. The horse taught me that the magick I seek is truly within myself and the strongest magick I and we possess is love and compassion. Love and compassion conquers all. Love and compassion are pure light and as long as we come from a place of love and compassion the dark one cannot ever enter in. Shion had to battle the Dark One, she was told how to keep it away but she had to experience this for herself. The horse taught her of the love that dwelled inside her and if she acted out of love, she always prevailed. Though it was not an easy task for her, in the end it was well worth the journey was it not? 

Anyway, if you work with the horse on an energetic level, you will know that they are projections of ourselves. The thought process and level of force you use when working with a horse is exactly what you will get back from them. If you think and treat them like they are just horses, that is exactly what they will show you. Working with horses is a very big test of who you truly are your heart pure or is your heart dark. 

  Those of you who are seekers of magick are those that know 'there is something else'. We yearn for something we just cannot put our finger on but know within ourselves it is there. We are striving to reach that conclusion of what it is. We cannot be told what it is, but must awaken to it by experience and doing our own work.

There is a hidden reality to the realm of fantasy, magick, dragons, faerie etc. They help to guide us, to steer us to the light that which we come from and are. The light that is within us. We learn from their realm that the dark is not where we dwell, the light is what we seek.

I recommend a Utube movie called "Sacred Knowledge of Vibrations and the Power of Human Emotions." This movie speaks of our thoughts and emotions and how it effects us on a molecular level. Our thoughts and words alone have the power to change the molecular vibration of water and our bodies are 90% water. Our blood is made of silica which is the same as crystal.

In the end of Dragonhorse when the Shift is about to happen there is a point where the thoughts of the 'Gatherers' have turned to fear, and the wall of protection almost came down. This is also so true of our own world, the  more fear based thoughts and words we think and speak, the more our world seems to crumble apart. But, in the end the Gatherers and Shion's alliance 'got it together' and changed the outcome.

We have the power to do the same. We have the power of magick within our minds-our intentions-the basis of all successful magick making. So if we all learned how to harness this power with the use of meditation as stated in the movie I just told you about, we can change our world. I know this to be true...this is manifestation and I have manifested many things in my lifetime. 

If we all could simply spend 20 minutes a day deep in thought manifesting the world we would like to live in, a world free of hate, anger, hunger, sickness, war, we are that much closer to experiencing this. We are almost there already! With the shift of 2012 we have come into the 5th dimension and are now working towards the 6th. Better yet, if we could come together and meditate and invision this new world! Even if we all set a 'sametime' that we all would  spend 20 minutes a day manifesting our better world... just think--yes-- THINK what we can accomplish.

So get on your internet, ipad, iphone and share a time with friends to come together in thought, and dream your world into being...that is pure magick.



Dec. 15, 2012

It's funny, as I walked the path, I thought I had it all figured out and knew what I was going to do with my life. I was going to teach kids! I wanted to direct them back to the realms of nature where they could truly rediscover who they are.

Has anyone heard of the Indigo's? They are beings that have come in before the rainbow and crystal children. All of these children have come in---like Shion in the story, to ensure the what we call, The Shift. They have come to hold the energy of the world and hopefully bring our Mother Earth into the 5th dimension.  I first learned about the Shift from Lucky. He awakened me to it before I ever heard of it from anyone else, and I remember thinking I wasn't going to tell anyone else what I thougth, because I might be wrong on this or worse yet, nuts!      

So, I wanted to reach those, usually troubled children (yes there are plenty of adult Indigo's running around too) and begin by teaching them Reiki. So, in my zeel to begin, I forgot one thing...parents. It was an uphill battle from the very beginning. Most thought I was teaching them a new religion or satanic worship. Come on, it was the 20th century! Even the Pope apologized for the witch burnings! Anyway, I gave up on teaching the kids and continued my path to Shaman, Witch, whatever you want to call it---since they are all the same. I soon became a jack-of-all-trades and master-of none! ALl of this time I wondered why I was so driven to learn everything I could on these subjects. I thought I was wrong in wanting to work with children and it became obvious Spirit wanted me to learn still, through the horse. This was fine for me since I love horses and always have, and have been around them most of my life. 

Jean and I learned quickly that if you give a sick animal love and compassion they will heal. Horses on the other hand are not like Fido, having taken generations and generations of abuse from man...they are the backbone of the building of the country...and we broke many of them on the way. I think they store cell memory in their souls from the way they were treated in the past. They say some whales still living, who have survived the whaling industry are still weary of man. Dah! So why not horse? To this day we still mistreat them! And if I had a dollar for everytime I heard someone say, "oh, it's just a horse" I would be, well, you know the rest. 

But there are those of us who are awakening to these attrocities we have put on such anoble being. It just astonishes me that we can shove things down their necks, scaring the ever loving hell out of them, having to resort to restraints and beatings to subdue their fears. Okay put it like this, say an  alien came down and abducted are horrifed at what he might do. You can't speak his language, and nothing around you is familiar. They restrain you or they drug you just enough so you can't fight. Wouldn't it scare you? I know it would scare me, and it scares me just thinking about it. Oh, and the worst part...they (aliens) don't give a darn that your scared. They look at you and just say, "Oh, it's just a human." See my point?

I'm hoping that if the young person reads this story he/she will begin to understand this. We are not above nature! We are part of nature, and to treat other beings as if they are just possessions of ours, to do what we wish, is just plain old school and in-the-box thinking. Time to wake up...

Anyway, Jean and I learned that these giant, very gentle souls have a much higher conscious level then humans, and are here just like many other beings; the whale and dolphin just to name a few, to help man evolve to a higher level.                                       So, Spirit has found a way for me to reach the young people. Through my jack-of-all-trades learning it has all become part of my book.