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I am a horsewoman, artist,writer, Reiki Master Teacher, certified Herbalist and crystal healer and major outdoors woman.                                                                                                          I  always had this connection with horses and birds. Having spent a lot of time learning to heal with them. My husband loves to bring me birds that have hit the windows so I can "heal" them. It always amazes me when they wake up in my hand, leave me a nice thank you poop, and fly away.  In the story Dragonhorse, Shion is asked to help a mean rooster...she uses a different technique other then getting into a kicking match with it, and to her amazement it works! This story is from an actual experience of mine with one of my own mean roosters. You will have to read the story, and yes if you have a mean rooster by all means try my technique! I used to have peahens also and I had to rescue one that had something lodged in her throat! But the neatest bird I ever helped was a falcon, they are  my favorite raptor. One day during a snow storm this falcon flew right into my huge prowed front windows of my house, and landed in the 18 inches of snow. I ran out and dug it out of the snow and carried her back in the house. She was out cold and I was not sure what to do...furthermore, I was afraid that if she did come to, she might be afraid and bite me. So I just did what I knew, and let the energy flow from my hands.            She finally woke up and just looked at me. I sent  messages I wasn't going to hurt her and walked to the front door and let her easily lift out of my grasp with the flap of her capable wings. I will never forget the feeling of letting her go...then an hour later she came back and killed and ate one of the doves that lived in the yard. I felt bad for the dove but understood the cycle of life, it is as it should be. I still see her periodically hunting other birds.   

  I had this feeling since I was very small I was supposed to do something "special" for the lack of a better word. Kind of like... you knew you were always going to grow up and become a doctor or a lawyer. Well I thought I was going to be an animal healer or be able to talk to animals...something on that order, but with a little magic mixed in. Much later through my studies and research I found out I have all the symptoms of being an Indigo adult and an empath. Being empathic is very hard since you take on everything around you. You absorb everyones pain and emotions! At first I thought they were my own emotions which made me ask over and over again, "What the heck is wrong with me?" I had to learn in doing healing work that I could not hold onto the "junk" from my clients be they human or animal. I felt their pain and at first, healing just took way too much of me. Everyone told me I was a giver and I had to stop giving the clients MY energy and use the Universal Life Force Energy instead.


You haven't lived until you rafted the Arkansas River! Yep, that's me on the end with my daughter and husband right in front of me.


Once I learned about the Indigo's and Empath's I soon learned how to cope. Moving way up into the Rocky Mountians of central Colorado helped, keeping me away from the environmental strife of living close to the city. Nature was my salvation!



Frosty the Belgian Stallion getting some healing. What a gentle giant indeed!

Okay, back to the beginning. I began my  journey back in 1996 when I took my first Reiki class, and it hasn't stopped since. I went on to study different religions and found the earth based religons resonated with me. So from there I studied herbs and became an herbalist. I learned how to heal with flower water essences and crystals. I was hungry to learn in all! 


But how did horses enter into this new natural healing realm of mine? I have a picture of a belgian stallion named Frosty. Once I began my healing studies with animals, horses and birds became my biggest subjects (and this guy was the biggest). This guy had been tossed from one owner to another. He needed to be assured that he was  not going to be shipped "down the road" anymore. His new mom was worried he didn't like her. After reasurring him he was going to stay, he was a much a happier boy!



He loved getting my kisses.

Okay, back to the beginning again...Lucky was my very first patient and we quickly developed a strong heart connection. I immediately realized he came into my life right after my Reiki level II class to teach me. Little did I know I would end up bringing him home and he would lead me down the path as horse rescuer and healer. There is a saying, "Where you believe there is magic you will find it". This horse opened my eyes to the realm of magic and I jumped in with both feet! 

He gave me a connection to the metaphysical world...a dialogue I could keep with other people like me. Without his teachings I would not have experienced animal communicators, readers, medical intuitives, medicine women, medicine men, shamans. Oh which reminds the story  Shion meets Jaguar Woman, who performs a flame spitting, healing ceremony on her. This came from an actual healing I had from a Jaguar Woman! Each and every lesson, ceremony and class I took peeled away the layers of things I no longer needed; physcial, spititual and emotional. I slowly healed and I slowly awoke to the true beings we are mean't to be. If it weren't for that first horse I found dying from cancer I would not be where I am today.


This is one of my paintings called "The Gypsy Kings."
These are Gypsy Vanner Stallions a breed of horse breed by the English Gypsy.

Okay so as you can tell, yes, I am an outdoors woman. Remember I said in the Preface of my book, "Connect with nature an all else will follow." Well, that is so damn true! I recharge and rejuvenate, I also understand how important it is for us to be able to experience and be part of the natural is very humbling..just ask my husband who is the great hunter and found him self fending off a bear who thought he was lunch!

We spend many hours on our ATV's riding to the trail heads, we have a garage full of elk antler sheds, boxes of paleo artifacts, like scrapers, knife points, spear points, morters etc. I have pictures and pictures (notice the camera around my neck) of the beautful Colorado landscapes. I have been in the middle of an elk herd during "rut" listening to their bugling back and forth which literally brought me to husband still teases me about haven't experienced the true call of nature until you have heard this up front and personal!! 

I am in the middle with Kim the DOW officer on the left.

Oh, which reminds me, we even volunteered with the Department of Wildlife and got to go on a Mountain Sheep round-up! Yes I actually got to hold down an mountain goat! It was amazing to actually be able to touch one of them. The DOW officers and vets had to inoculate the ewes for pasturella a disease that causes low birth rate. It his this is a by product of raising cattle with sheep..and I could be wrong...Heres the picture to prove it! 

My husband got to tackle a big guy!

So this is my husband really getting to "hang" with a big ram. There were only 19 sheep in this herd but we had them checked and innoculated in about 1 hour..we all had to work fast because they stress real easy.