Thoughts of the day

Mar. 3, 2014

My thought for the day:

The horse, a creation and projection of Source/God energy is here, like us, so that Source/God can express itself fully. Do we, as humans when interacting with this spiritual being, assist or restrain this right to expression, when “taming” it for our own purpose and gain?

Mar. 15, 2013


I have been very busy these past days launching the book which has been so exciting to see all my work come to fruition! But, we also build custom homes and are finishing up another new home for us. It has the most beautiful 180 degree view of the Sangre de Christo mountains! It is private and peaceful out there..just like I like it. I just cannot tolerate the scattered energy of a big city or a busy neighborhood. I am not and never have been a mall shopper either. I do most of my shopping on line.

I have attached a photo taken at the early frame stage of the house so you can see what my view looks like out my greatroom windows. I think I will call this house design--that my husband and I designed--"Sun Drenched"! This house is designed to let the sun come in all day and keep it toasty warm. We are big on building green as possible and utilizing and working with what Mother Earth has to offer!

Once we are move in and settle I can begin to brainstorm on the prequel to Dragonhorse! 

Feb. 21, 2013

I was listening to Hester channel Abraham Hicks, and they talked about how words don't teach only experiences teach.

I realized this from the very beginning of my path. It was fun and exciting to listen to teachings but they never became part of who I was until I experienced those teachings. It is the same as what Bethia was trying to tell Shion about her teachings. Never forsake the "journey" for the journey is the best part. Living the journey and experiencing life is how we learn. Shion was getting impatient about "knowing" all and getting on with her destiny. Bethia told Shion that nothing would come to her until she took what she had learned out of her head and felt it in her heart, and that always took time.                                        It is the same for you seekers, go out and begin learning and doing. Read the books on magic, then go out and live what you have read. It is the same as when Shion was using herbs for healing. She had to show the plants that she was out there planting, nurturing and harvesting, before they would reveal all their healing powers to her...

Feb. 20, 2013

One of the signs of raising your vibration or ascending is the wisdom that comes with it. Those moments of knowing. For me what stuck out the most was my stuggle with not eating meat finally ended. I no longer eat nor crave another beings flesh. 

My latest AH Ha came after hiking with my horse Ciara. Since I gave up eating another beings flesh she has been more trusting of me. The big light bulb flashed above my head...dah...I no longer go out and work with her (an animal of prey who's main objective is to not be eaten by another animal) breathing my meat breath on her! Think about it...Harm None

Feb. 18, 2013

I have been away because I have been like a expectant mother preparing for her new baby. Yes, I have 3 daughters but this latest baby is my book!

I keep telling everyone it is coming. And yes, it is coming. And it has been a whole lotta work. I think my eyesight got much worse, and now I have developed this strange eye thing, where my eyes cross all of the time...on their own! Oh, and yes I have forgotten how to SPELL! Look at a word long enough and it does not look right...sound familiar? Unfortunately we do not have auto correct when doing any text in our blog spaces (am I using the correct terms?). So when I am writing in the moment, I find my brain and my hands do not believe in synchronicity (man I butchered that word the first time). It is almost like my brain goes on automatic pilot when I type, respelling and making up new words to suit is so good at it that sometimes I really believe that the new word I just spelled is an honest-to-goodness word. My brain has convinced me that that is a true word. Anybody else have this if you find something that looks close-but-no-cigar, blame it on my alternative brain..oops, almost spelled it looked pretty good too!

Anyway, I just got done brushing and loving on Ciara. We are practicing our tricks...we have decided, though we love carrots, apples are our new love! She will almost roll over for an apple, and if I don't "feed the meter" fast enough the ears go I have spoiled her. But I can...she has deserved it and I do know how to nip-it-in-the-bud if it gets out of hand. See, she is a mare, and she really does remind me of me, she mirrors my personality very well.

Oh, Oh, my book. Yes as you can see I have uploaded a picture of the hard copy to the front page of my website. That is just the proof copy and I have made a few minor I could not remember if I spelled Ryven's last name Blackmore or is Blackmore. Also, they did not get the acutal title of the book right. It is Dragonhorse AND the Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge..the title bespeaks of two entities here, not one. I had some changes also to the books interior; a few sentences got chopped off, omited a few repetative sentences, added a few new sentences, changed the ending by adding a tad more suspense, and corrected a few punctuation errors.                  I have read through this 313 page book 8 times and even had my Mom proofread it before it went off to the editor, who also found errors. I figured we were done with errors, but it was amazing how they just jumped off the page at you when you are reading the actual, physical book! So, the last of the corrections have been made and I am hoping to get the new physical book this week, and it should be released after that...I hope.