Dec. 7, 2012

We can manifest!

 I talk to everyone-standing in line at the post office-at the gas station-the table next to me in the restaurant...But today I stood and chatted in Simple Foods Organic Market to Katie, the friendly checker. We talked about manifestation among other topics. We talked about how we have the power-as women-to manifest our realtity. It is the time of the return of the Goddess, and a new chapter towards balance. It is up to  women to restore balance in our world. If we only take a moment to look, we can already see the subtle changes of our maifestations from our group conscious thoughts.

We as a race, heading into "2012" have the power to change things with our thoughts and words...but in order for us to bring in the New Age of man... which we refer to as Homo Luminous...we must learn to control our thoughts and words, for in this new age, we will have the power to manifest our realities instantly, instead of days, weeks or years....think about it.

Harm None...