Dec. 9, 2012

Prequel for Dragonhorse

So, it is snowing, FINALLY! Could this be the beginning of our coming Ice Age as some are prediciting?

Today I am locked in my office working on bringing you the real characters of the book, and how they inspired it ...and trying not to sound too korney about it! Like I said for you young seekers of magic, it is a very difficult path. They don't say blood, sweat and tears for nothing.

Next, I will settle in with a blanket and one of Frank Jospeh's book about Edgar Cayce and the great lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuira. I am working on the prequel to Dragonhorse and in it we will go back to Shion's past life as Sumayha living in the great city of Lemuria! I am very excited about this!  I think this is all part of what is going on right now with human evolution and 2012. Okay back to work...first I need another aspirin....   Oh, the picture is of Wynter, I raised him since he was 5 months old. He is a Percheron/TB cross. He hated it up on the mountain; too many mountain lions coming through his pasture so after having him for 7 years I sent him to my sister Dana who is teaching him to jump..and he has tons of talent too! I love the snowfall.