Dec. 10, 2012

Dabbling in magic

As I was adding to my bio I thought of something I wanted to chat about. Dabbling in magic...when I began my journey into earth based religions and healing magic, I soon realized I had to decide if I was going to be a dabbler or wannabe, or take this seriously. Dabbling is a dangerous road to take and much harm can be done to you and those on the receiving end. We are dealing with free will here and the first thing we learn is NOT to interfere in anyones free will, or choices they have already made.

Lucky taught me a very big lesson about free will...after spending 6 years  having taught me what he came to teach me, he was ready to leave this plane...but I would not let him go and had intervened twice. I had mentioned that he had met with a fatal accident...because I had kept him from his choice and he had to find his own way out and it was not pretty. Those of us on the path of working with horses learned quickly that they can and will find a way out. Believe it or not horses do commit suicide and often. I will not go into how he left this plane but only that I ignored his free will and learned a valuable lesson. For you young seekers, do not dabble with other lives, and be serious about what magical intentions you release into the world. We have enough chaos in our world and believe me, ill or uneducated intentions can gather chaos and do only harm. Harm none...