Dec. 23, 2012

So you think nothing happened December 21st 2012

For those of us sensitive to the magic and energies around us, know full well something happened on the Solstice...something has been happening which has brought us into a new age of man...which some of us like to call Homo Luminous, thanks to Peruvian Shaman Alberto Villodo (I have to check the spelling of his name).

Those of you who are the "see I told you so, nothing happened" kind of people have really missed the bus. I want to acknowledge the Indigo's who came with their firey warrier like personalities to blaze the trail and break down the barriers in order for the crystal children to come and smooth out that path, making ready for the rainbow children to  finish what the Indigo's and Crystal's have started. Could YOU be either of these three beings? There is plenty of information on them; all you have to do is search the net...I have known for years I am an Indigo (I have a warrior spirit) and that I am an empath..though I think they might go hand in hand. For many years I thought I was going crazy or weird. I felt like no one understood me and I was withdrawn. I am most happy alone and I can tell a liar a mile a way. So many of you indigo adults and especially you younger people as indigo, crystal or rainbow's, are feeling the same way or worse. Just remember that you are not alone and to find your piers. Just acknowledging who you are will draw them to you or you will begin  to open your intuition and recognize them. Read as much as you can..and just in knowing who you are and why your are the way you are, will make all the difference in the world. 

We were given a choice as to how the new age would come about...and since nothing cataclysmic happened on that day, shows that there were enough beings on our planet will- ing to expand and grow; holding the energy for those who choose to remain asleep. These/us/you earthly beings stayed connected to nature, forming barriers against the destruction and abuses and taring down walls of restraint that no longer serve us. We forget that Earth is a living organism and she can shed us parasites whenever she chooses. We need to thank all of those who have been holding the energy and helping others to "awaken" so that the Solstice could come in with pure love, just like the rainbow children.

Dragonhorse is my version of what the December 21st 2012 is about. Though it is set in a fantasy realm of ancient earth, the story line tells of our disconnection from Earth and great lust for greed and power. Not everyone in the story is aware of what is happening or the battle that has been going on since the beginning of life on Ancient Earth, just as today.

In the story there are those living during the time of the Great Shift, such as Shion and her alliance who have been coming to Earth from the beginning of time to ensure this great event. Did they prevail or did the Dark One find the means to stop them? What great role did the horse and the dragon play in the epic ending of this story? Well, you will have to read it. I tried to keep this story real; every ceremony, herb, spell and use of crystals, are things you can utilize in your own daily walk. 

Yes, some of you awoke the next morning afte December 21st wondering "what happened", unaware of those around you who have been working to ensure the evolution of man into the 5th dimension. It is now up to you  to fully awaken to this great gift. Magic is real and alive. Now, more then ever, we can be free to experience these abilities hiding within all of us. 

Don't let this great event pass you buy. Find the true meaning in it and forget what the media has shown us. It is like the saying, "Wherever you believe there is magic, you will find it." Harm None

Here is a link to a full review of these special beings by Doreen Virtue