Dec. 29, 2012

Have you seen the Otherworld?

 My  daughter Whitney is having another experience with death. She was the one who found Lucky after he decided to leave this plane and she was there when we helped Sterling cross. But now she is dealing with a close, big-brother friend who is lying in hospice. He  was given a blood transfusion when he was a very young man that was contaminated with Hepatitis C. His time has now come to journey into the Summer Lands.  I have been helping him settle energetically. 

For you young seekers of true magic this is all part of the journey. Dealing with life, death and rebirth. Remember in the story how Shion had to journey into that realm. It nearly destroyed her. This is how we gain precious wisdom, and wisdom is never given, but earned. 

After I lost my Lucky, I too was almost destroyed. My heart was closed and I did not want to carry on with my lifes path any longer. It took 2 weeks of searching and waiting for Lucky to finally appear to me. All I wanted to know was that he was happy. He did return to me in the dreamtime for a visit after his transition into the Summer Lands, and to my surprise, brought me to show me what the Summer Lands looked like. Remember, in the book when Nero brings Shion back? Well that is what I experienced..going to the "other side" as some of us call it is just like what we have imagined, but a hundred fold better. It is indescribable! The intense feeling of love and joy was overwhelming.

Lucky only gave me a glimpse and quickly brought me back to my realm. I questioned him as to why he only gave me a short peek. He told me because he knew I was wanting to stay there (which I did) and that I had much more work to do before it was my time.

So, in working long distance with Pablo while he lay in hospice I was very surprised when I was assisted by my Lucky. During a healing journey with Pablo, Lucky appeared with another horse called Dakota; a black horse with a strange shaped white marking on his lip and back leg. Medicine people and Shamans believe we are carried across to the "other world" either by horse back or by deer. Anyway I hadn't seen Lucky in my journey's for a few years and I knew this was serious business if he showed up. So, we took Pablo to the realm where you heal, or prepare to cross to the other world, and Pablo too experienced the amber pool and indigo orb of healing just as Shion did in the story. He then went behind the veil to meet and talk with his ancestors. We then took him back to 1986, back to the hospital that gave him the diseased blood and replayed that time in his life. But, this time we exchanged the bad blood for new healthy blood! See, we can go back in time and change things that were traumatic to us. Since time is not linear as we think; past, present and future is happening at the same time, we can go back and change things. Some are able to see the future, but our future is forever changing since it is only a guess of what it will be...we have the power to change our future just by how we act today. Just like December 21st 2012..sure the Mayans may have predicted that they saw that time in our life as a tiime of destruction, but we had the choice to change it; which we did!

Okay I'm off track a little. Once Pablo and I changed his past I told him he no longer had a reason to be sick. Even if he chooses to cross, he will not take that traumatic time in his life with him. He can cross free and clear and if he chooses to incarnate he will not have to deal with that in his new lifetime.                                                                               He is fighting to the very end, but I am helping him find his peace. He told Whitney that he was very afraid, and that affected me greatly. No one should have to cross feeling as he does, and I am helping him to overcome that fear. I can be the one to tell him where he is going and who will be there to escort him across. He will not be alone and once he gets there he will have so much to do he will have completely forgotten about his fears. See, right now he is dealing with his physical self. If he chooses to cross it is the physical self that challenges to stay. THAT I learned in dealing with my dying horses.  I watched as their spirit left their body even though the heart still had a few beats left in it. I always new they were gone even before the vet gave me the nod. They taught me not to fear that time and how peaceful and beautiful that time can be once the soul has separated from the physical body. 

We all should learn about this transition time so that when the time comes no one will have fear.

I am so very proud of my young daughter and her young friends who are spending their evenings over the New Years holiday, to help send off their friend. They too are learning to face fear through their friend, and when the time comes again, they will be all the more "knowing". 

So for those of you who just want  to wave a stick you found in the woods thinking magic will just happen are in for a great disappointment. The true seekers of magic and who we really are will brave these fears; even seek them out to face the challenge of gaining wisdom and not be afraid to walk with the dying through the dark waters of death. For once you have faced that realm, you will be well on your way to becoming a great magician, healer, shaman, witch etc. Magic will find you every where you go. Harm None