Jan. 17, 2013

Ascension and Osmosis

Many years ago I had a reading done with an egyptian oracle. In my reading she told me I was ready for ascension...well at that time I thought it meant I was going to die young. It scared the crap out of me! She did tell me to stick around for the grandkids before I left. Since I had none at the time I figured I had a few years left to live.

Through the years I have learned a different meaning for ascension. It is what my daughters friend Pablo did on January 10th, he ascended, he did not die. I also must say we can ascend before we even leave this plane.  I truly believe in after learning about this man, he was an earth angel, for the lack of a better term. While his short stay on our earthly plane he touched so many people in a very profund way. See, earth angels are people who live very ordianry lives but do very profound things. He did not have to live to be 98  learning and growing and learning and growing, he had already done that...kind of like Frodo on Lord of the Rings...he had done it all and in the end, what was left but to ascend. I really feel Pablo came to help the Indigos, Crystal, Ranbow Warriors etc., and in fact, he was no doubt one of them himself. He was here for the very important job of ensuring our entrance into the Golden Age. With his job done he had earned the right to ascend to the Godhead. 

So where was I going with all of this..hmm...Oh yes, my ascension. Old souls that have completed their tasks and have worked their way up the ladder of ascension are very consious beings. They KNOW. And beings that are close to ascension have a very difficult time living the physical life. When one person can sit through hours and hours of slasher movies, the conscious being cannot even stand to be in  the same room. When one person can toss his garbage out the window of the car, the conscious being is slamming on his breaks behind him to pick it up! When one person is "digging in"  for armageddon, the consious person is holding the energy so that doesn't happen. DO you get my drift?            

So when the egyptian oracle told me I was ascending...she didn't mean I was gonna die any minute...she meant I was entering into the higher level of consciousness...the level of KNOWING. Let me tell you it ain't easy...I just want to take some people and shake them..WAKE UP! 

So if you feel as I do, young Seekers, it means you have done your work, and you are ascending too. Hang in there, in the end even Frodo got to go into the West with the Fae and Gandolf. 

I wanted to mention also about Osmosis. Osmosis is like when we say, "He rubbed off on me." Just by standing next to someone of bright light or a higher consciousness can also cause you to raise your level. Pablo used the power of osmosis on everyone who came in contact with him...though they had no clue at the time what was happening...they just knew they were attracted to this man and wanted to be near him. So people of pure light can inadvertantly help others who are close to them to clean up their light also. Some take longer then others, and it might not work on all, but when you feel attracted too or just feel good in someones presence, but cannot put your finger on what it is, this is what is happening.

I have had many people tell me that they love to be around me...I lift them up or I energize them..I guess that can be a really good compliment. Harm None