Feb. 21, 2013

Words don't teach

I was listening to Hester channel Abraham Hicks, and they talked about how words don't teach only experiences teach.

I realized this from the very beginning of my path. It was fun and exciting to listen to teachings but they never became part of who I was until I experienced those teachings. It is the same as what Bethia was trying to tell Shion about her teachings. Never forsake the "journey" for the journey is the best part. Living the journey and experiencing life is how we learn. Shion was getting impatient about "knowing" all and getting on with her destiny. Bethia told Shion that nothing would come to her until she took what she had learned out of her head and felt it in her heart, and that always took time.                                        It is the same for you seekers, go out and begin learning and doing. Read the books on magic, then go out and live what you have read. It is the same as when Shion was using herbs for healing. She had to show the plants that she was out there planting, nurturing and harvesting, before they would reveal all their healing powers to her...