I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I have done all required levels of training to give Reiki Healing and teach.

For a session please contact me

One hour remote Online session $25                                                                             

One hour session with tunning forks in person $55

Reiki Practitioners have done the training to become vessels of the God Conscious healing energy that is available to all. By the use of a light touch or through sending long distance  with thought and intention the Reiki practitioner performs healing. 

This form of healing energy can heal all domains of the human and animal; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

It can be much more than just a relaxation session but a healing session that can reach down to the very core of your being and heal. You need not believe in Reiki for healing to happen. 


I began using the violet fire before I even knew what it was. It came to me through working with the Phoenix energies (out of the ashes we once again rise). There is a big correlation here with the Phoenix, the Horse and the Dragon, once again death and rebirth, ressurection. When working with me I will bring you through the Violet Phoenix Fire attunement. This will help you to purge the old that no longer serves you and anything attached to you that is blocking your healing path or lifes purpose. 


My very first Reiki patient, back in 1997, was a horse down the road from me who was dying from cancer. Through synchronistic events we healed him (after the fet gave him only 8 months to live) and he came home to live with me. He was my first great teacher, my first dragonhorse. You can read more about our journey in my Dragonhorse, Seeker of Forgotten Knowledge book or go to my page that tells a little about him (MY Magic Inspiration) 

Pictured is some of what we were dealing with. The pictures show the huge difference that we received in one months time! This was the turning point of my healing and who I was to become, tho it took many years.