Mar. 7, 2013


Yes, the picture is graphic and awful..but this horse is at least hopefully, already dead. Most if not all are just stunned before their throats are cut...the blood does not run out of the body without a beating heart...some wake up hanging by their legs and fight to their last breath.. how they can breath with a cut throat is beyond me.

Read the link above If you want the ugly truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about horse slaughter. Horses are bright intelligent beings, they are extremely sensitive to their environment and those around them. They have a strong desire to live as we do, expressinig their flight or fight patterns to stay alive. How we have forgotten that this being was the backbone of the success and power of man. They have literally broken their backs for us and this is what we give them in return?

I believe knowledge is power. It is time for the human who professes to be "religious' and "patriotict" to get his head out of his... well, lets just say sand, and really look at what our country is really about. I am to say the least disgusted by my fellow human.

The human race has this far fetched idea in his head that he is above nature, but in truth he is just part of nature. Worse yet are those who say we are "to be good stewards of Gods animals" and choose to jump on the bandwagon of inhumane treatment professing "it is the right thing to do" or claiming ignorance, "well, I didn't know that was happening". Shame on all of you!

 How we treat other beings who SHARE this planet with us is being documented in the great hall of records also known as the Akashic records. Yes, we will have to answer for our actions. And those of us who stand by, and turn the other cheek, are just as accountable. 

It is up to you our young people to continue this fight for the right of all beings sharing this beautiful planet with us. To give each and everyone of them the right to live a happy life and when the time comes, a humane end. That word is interesting is it not..human-e...

I strive to live by my Creede. Do what ye will and harm ye none!

And yes, I am a vegetarian.