How might the characters look


Ryven Blackmore

Shions fiery mare Freia

Ryven's Black

Bethia the queen of the gypsies

Shapeshifter Elizabeth

Lhayann the hunted witch

Sweet, sweet Jael Shion's coven member

Elspeth, the Faerie of the woods

Luna, Lhayanns wolf

The Wizard Mergus

Shion's guardian Nicco

The beautiful Nero

Penny another of Shion's coven members

Rose, one of Shion's Faerie Dragons

Drakaeous, one of the three guardians of the crystal key

Beautiful Sterling

Clarron McBeth deserted soldier of the church

The Dark One, a conjuration of the Church to stop Shion and all like her.

Traveller, the gypsy horse.

Dark side of the Fae, the Kelpie!

Just for a visual I have compiled these pictures from my character Pinterest boards. The following slideshow reveals my vision for the many many characters of Dragonhorse.