You will learn HeartMath techniques, and learn the feeling of them by working with one of my horses doing various connecting exercises. If you are afraid of horses you don't even need to touch them, being within 10 feet of her heart field will be enough. For those who love to touch horses we will be incorporating touch work. This is not an exercise where you are required to make your horse do  a certain exercise or performance which can put the beginner into a state of heart non-coherence, you will be giving and receiving love and appreciaiton thorough touch. The horse will be able to tell you where he is holding energy and will also tell you when you have helped him to release this. But the most fascinating part of this, as the horse releases stuck chi or energy he is also helping you to do the same in your own body. You will leave feeling grounded, refreshed and inspired to continue this work when you go home. This work helps you with the HeartMath techniques.

I also want to say I have taken some of Masterson Method courses. This is a method to help horses release tension through various hand placement and manipulation. Though I will not be using these in the retreat, these courses did help me with my journey toward what I am doing today. Masterson Method people found that working hands on like doing a method called Bladder Meridian (a method that was known prior to Masterson Method) casused a shift or breakthrough in the person administering the care. It was HeartMath Institue that did the study to find out why being in close proximity or in heart field range from the horse caused healing and shifts in the human. To learn more go to my Equine Therapy page.

You will also do a grounded Reiki session incorporating Earthing and a Touch Drawing Session to further anchor in the work you have done with the horses.

Lunch and refreshments are included. I am vegetarian so lunch will be vegetarian. Vegans please let me know. 

If you are a couple please let me know I can gear the retreat for couples work. We can recapture joy, appreciation and love into our relationship.

As Ralph Smart would say, "Come and breathe in that good-ass-prana baby." I have plenty of mountain chi up here. If you are in my area or want to come to my area, Salida CO.  I live on secluded 13 acres with the view of Salida from the base of Mount Shavano in a gated community.

Retreat is from 10 am to 3pm 

Price includes lunch $130

If interested feel free to email me for more discussion and scheduling.

 We are just completing our new home and have landscaping, fencing and barn to build yet. But that is only cosmetic. I have plenty of beautiful trees around me with a fantasitc view. 

Great room area

View from front porch after snow