Healing Through the Art Process

Supplies needed. The beautiful cards were done by Debra and part of her SoulCards II deck.

Touch Drawing, pioneered by Deborah Koff Chapin

Drawing out your Soul

I found this expressive art modality in 2003 and soon held workshops. It's a simple yet profund way to assist in the healing process. It gives us permission to just be and freely scribble outside the line! 

Used in healing centers, psychiatric centers,hospitals etc., has helped people bring to the conscious level deep seated traumas and issues including physical illnesses. I think this art process coupled with HeartMath training would be more wonderful tools to add in the healing process. Not to mention its just plain fun! The hardest part is allowing oneself to let go and allow the flow of the inner self.

Supplies Needed                                                                                                 All you need in this workshop is a couple tubes of oil paint, a paint roller (brayer), a clayboard or any surface you can roll paint on smoothly, tissue paper and newsprint paper. 

This 2 hour workship can be done online  or in your home, by connecting with me and the other participants via Zoom Conferencing. We will incorporate heart centering  techniques to see what we can bring up in our art expressions. It's just so much fun to connect on an energetic level with others to create and share. Expert Artists are not needed! This is such a simple process of putting fingers to paper and letting them go where they may. Scribbling allowed and encouraged! Its almost like reading tea leaves in your cup of tea but with paint! Magical....


Online session Fee: $40 (CLick on Online Store Link above to purchase)

1.5 hr session

                                                                                                                                    Workshops at your home  $60 per person up to 6 people usually 2.5 hrs  (includes supplies)

(If you have friends and you want me to lead an online class contact me, denicegarrou@gmail.com)